Our School

Our History

Our school was established in 1983 by Grandmaster Ki Jin Chang and his three younger brothers: Ki Oh, Ki Hoon, & Ki Jang. Grandmaster Ki Jin Chang and his brothers started learning martial arts under their father as children. The brothers chose Taekwondo as the martial art they were going to learn. Both Ki Jin & Ki Oh went on to win national championships in the highly competitive high school level in Korea.

In 1980 they moved to America and went all over the Midwest performing demonstrations and competing at tournaments. The Chang Brothers won many Grand Champion titles in both sparring and poomsae. They competed at the state, national, and international levels.

Grandmaster Ki Jin Chang founded Chang Brothers Taekwondo Academy in 1983 in Hanover Park, Illinois. Grandmaster Ki Oh Chang started a second school in Schaumburg, Illinois in 1991 before moving his location to McDonough, Georgia.

Grandmaster Ki Jin Chang

Grandmaster Ki Jin Chang first began learning martial arts under his father and then began his Taekwondo training at age eight. He competed in South Korea as both a middle and high school student and won national events. When he came to America in 1979, he continued his training at various schools. He taught martial arts to hundreds of students at Northern Illinois University before founding Chang Brothers in 1983. He went all over the Midwest performing demonstrations and furthering the development of Taekwondo.

Grandmaster Chang went to coach at a state, collegiate, national, and even international level. In 1995 he was chosen to be the head coach of the US National team for an international event. He also received appreciation awards and citations from the I.O.C vice president and former World Taekwondo Federation President Un Yong Kim. He helped thousands of children and adults during his time as Master of the school, to better themselves through martial arts. Grandmaster Ki Jin Chang passed in 2006 and left a legacy that is Chang Brothers Taekwondo Academy.