Amarnath Narayanan (Black Belt/38 Years Old) [Facebook Review]

"I have been with Chang brothers for almost 3 years now. I am in my late thirties and wanted to be physically fit and I don’t like to spend lot of time at gym. So I decided to join Taekwondo and found Chang brothers. After trails for couple of weeks I decided to join Chang brothers. Now I feel this is one of the best decisions I made in my life. I try to attend classes every week and I feel physically fit and strong now. Master Chang is very caring for kids, I was really impressed with the way how he teaches kids to show respect to elders and how to behave at home. I have couple of my friends who go to a different school and received black belt in couple of years. But at Chang brothers you have to earn for it. You have to work hard and meet all the school standards before you can appear for test. This really keeps you motivated. I have a one year old and can’t wait to start her Taekwondo class at Chang brothers. Master Chang, Thank you very much for your motivation and dedication you show to your students."

Monika Ratjczak/Bruno Dadej (Erick Dadej/7 Years Old/Brown Belt) [Google Review]

"We took our son to try out the free class and we didn't think twice to enroll him right after. Our son needed some guidance, structure, and an activity that could help him with focus and discipline. So far, it has proven to be a great choice. Master Chang is very good with the kids and pretty good at getting the kids to follow instructions. He really can manage the group quite easily. His instructors are all super courteous and helpful too. Our son has been going here for about 2 years now and his self esteem has definitely gone up and we see a huge difference in his behavior. We are so glad we found this place."

Vanessa/Ismael Castelan (Jazlynn/Jaylah/Janelle Castelan-Deputy/Red/Red-Tip Belts) [Google Review]

"I have 3 daughters who attend Chang Brothers, they have been at Chang Brothers for a little over 3 years. This is by far one of the best decisions my husband and I made. They have grown so much over these last 3 years and a lot of it is from Chang Brothers. They are more confident in themselves, they are respectful and they work extremely hard in anything they do. They are very good at time management and I believe its because they have the discipline to focus. Master Chang cares about them and always is involved with them not just during their times but even outside the dojang. He wants to know how they are doing at school and at home. Master Chang and the Instructors work very hard with the children and always wants what is best for them. I have also enjoyed all the relationships they have built and that I have built, it is a family."

Parvinder Gill (Ranbir/Puran Gill/14 & 12 Years Old/Black Belts) [Google Review]

"My boys have been attending Chang Brothers Taekwondo Academy since they have been 4 and 5 years old . This is the best investment in my kids future me and my wife made. They have learned how to respect others. The have learned how to discipline themselves. The confidence they have gained is absolutely amazing. Their behavior and school grades have improved from C's to A+ . Taekwondo is not just self defense but a lifestyle. I would highly recommend Chang Brothers Taekwondo Academy to anyone who wants to give their child a head start in life. I would like to thank Master David Chang and all his instructor's for believing in my boys. At Chang Brothers Taekwondo Academy we are like a family we will always take care of each other."

Eduardo & Rosie Morales (Stefanie/Eduardo Morales/14 & 12 Years Old/Black Belts) [Written Review]

"Having made the decision to sign up our kids to Chang Brothers Taekwondo Academy has been the best decision we ever made. Our kids self-esteem has grown and we have seen better results than we expected. Our kids are very happy and proud to be part of this Academy. We trust and support Master Chang 100% because we see that he is always looking for a way not only in coaching them self-defense, but teaching them to be more independent and respectful. We feel very blessed that God placed Master Chang in our lives, and for being part of such a great family like CBTA.

Aver tomado la decision de inscribir a nuestros hijos en CBTA, fue la mejor decision que hemos hecho. Su autoestima a subido de nivel y hemos visto mejores resultados de los que esperábamos. Los niños están muy contentos de ser parte de esta gran academia y confiamos plenamente en Master Chang. Por que vemos que siempre esta buscando la manera no solamente de ensenar les a defenderse, sino tambien a educarlos para que sean unas personas que se habrán paso por si mismos. Gracias Master Chang estamos bien agradecidos con Dios por verle puesto en nuestro camino y por ser parte de la familia de CBTA."