Our Programs - Competition


Chang Brothers has one of the most active competition teams in all of Illinois. Our Olympic Sparring and Sports Poomsae Teams compete annually at the USAT State and National competitions. As we take competition seriously, each team has at least three set practice days a week they must attend.


Olympic Sparring Team

CBTA's Olympic Sparring team practices weekly, cross trains with many teams in the state, and travels all around the Midwest for competitive tournaments. Although we focus on the sport of Olympic Sparring, we uphold the core values that Martial Arts teaches of respect, loyalty, and discipline.

Sport Poomsae Team

CBTA's Sport Poomsae Team is for the student that wants to do their forms in a competitive setting. Our team practices on perfecting techniques with stretching, muscle repetition, and poomsae based drills to take our game to the next level. Our Master and Instructors stay up to date on changes by attending the most recent poomsae seminars.

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