Our Programs - Black Belt Teams


Our school believes that the Black Belt is only the first step in one's martial arts journey. We challenge those that have reached their first goal to advance themselves even further as martial artists. We offer a variety of options for the students who are looking for the next step as a Taekwondo Black Belt..


Demo Team

The Chang Brothers Demo team is for Black Belts and Black Belt Club members who wish to learn high flying kicks, choreographed routines, and extreme martial arts techniques. We focus on a variety of techniques that include moves from tricking, parkour, and Taekwondo. .

Instructing Team

The Chang Brothers Instructing team is for Black Belts and Black Belt Club members who want to become leaders of our school. These students learn how to build responsibility, patience, and confidence when teaching younger students. They also learn citizenship by hosting anti-bullying seminars, raising money for food pantries, and volunteering their time to community service.

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